About Market Made

Market Made is a plant based meal delivery service providing you with quick nutritious and dense meals you can feel good about. Meals are made lovingly by me (Karla) and delivered right to your doorstep.

What we believe in...


Plant based

We believe our bodies respond best when eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains and the planet appreciates when we eat this way as well. Occasionally animal by-products are used in our meals (namely honey) – this is always indicated in the menus if you follow a vegan diet.


Non-processed food

Meals are made from scratch. If by chance a packaged ingredient is included, it is carefully chosen and a product I stand behind. If I won’t feed it to my own family, there is no way I am feeding it to yours.


Local food

We are so lucky to live in Collingwood and Market Made’s purpose is to highlight the food available right here. What grows together usually goes together and meals are prepared in tune with the seasons.​

Join our Market Made Lunch Club

We’d be honored if you wanted to join your friends and become part of our MARKET MADE LUNCH CLUB. If you are sick of spending a fortune going out for lunch or eating crummy leftovers your dog would turn up its nose at, this plan is for you.