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Friends 4eva

I know just how lucky I am to have a life full of blessings. I have an amazing family, meaningful work, my body is healthy and thriving, I make the space for creative outlets….but the thing that really fills my cup to the brim, pushing me over the edge into bliss, are my friendships.

Maybe in part because I grew up where I currently live, but I have many friendships that have already lasted over 35 years! I also really work at the relationships I have. I check in with a call or text. I make the time for coffee dates. I really try to show up engaged and present when I do get to connect with a friend.

I’m also not afraid to make new friends (something that I know as an adult is harder to do). Admittedly, I am an extrovert, but I still force myself out there! On a fairly regular basis, I will send a message to an acquaintance, customer, or random person I’ve connected with on social media saying ‘hey, I want to get to know you better and we have a lot in common. Wanna go for a hike!?’ I’ll ask a mutual friend to make an introduction to someone I find interesting, and I LOVE doing this for others. 

Over the years I have also learned to empty the cup of friendships that don’t work. It’s ok for friendships to end that aren’t healthy or that you don’t feel authentic in. I personally have very few lasting relationships formed in my early twenties. I didn’t love the person I was during that time and I think as a result, I didn’t show up as my truest-self in the friendships I had. Or sometimes friends just drift apart – you can’t always grow together – and that is ok!

This past weekend I headed away with a group of some of my favorite gals for a few days of rest, delicious food and drinks, tears and so many giggles. I came back on Sunday feeling like a different person – my cup was full and I had been reset. I walked away with so much gratitude for these women that love and support me, and a rediscovered appreciation for just how lucky I am. 

I truly hope that a friendship is something you have to fill your cup, and if you’re looking for a new one, I always love a coffee date and walk 🙂 

xo mm 

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