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How to Not Hate Winter

When I was a kid nothing was better than winter. I grew up here and every day after school my mom would drop us at the ski hill and pick us up hours later when we’d call collect and rattle “comepickmeupathappyvalley” before we would hear the click and have to deposit 25 cents into the payphone (please tell me you did this?!) The winter was magical and it really never seemed long enough. I’ve changed…

I don’t exactly hate winter but by the end of January I begin to think ‘Ok, I’m good now. I’ll take back summer and promise I’ll never complain again about how hot it is.’ This year, in an effort to embrace winter a bit more, I’m channeling twelve-year-old me and trying to remember why it’s such a beautiful time of the year. I’ve compiled a short list of things I am doing to combat the winter blahs:

  • Get outside! Maybe skiing isn’t your jam, but even a walk around the block (bundled up of course) will give you the fresh air you need to feel invigorated.
  • If you can get up and out of your house early – LISTEN. Winter is so quiet! For those of us who spend most of our time with screaming, crying, emotionally charged little people who only seem to know the phrase “but why?” this quiet is just…well it brings tears. 
  • Soak up all the Vitamin D you can. If you can take that walk during the day and get actual sunrays awesome. Talk to your Naturopath and MD about Vitamin D drops – it makes a big difference.
  • Take a trip. Yes, a tropical vacation is lovely, but even just getting out of town for the day and exploring a new town can change your mood.
  • Embrace the hygge. Those Danes have done it again! Man, they are just so cool. Hygee is the concept of finding contentment and wellbeing in being cozy. Invest in new lounge wear, pull out your slippers, light candles, and curl up with a hot mug of tea. Start to look at the season as a time to bunker down in your home and reset. Good books and Netflix don’t hurt either. 
  • Eat as much fresh food as you can. Yes, local is key but guys, we live in Ontario in the winter! Balance your root vegetable meals with pops of citrus, bright greens and exotic tropical fruits. 

Embrace this season and never take any of it’s snowy, cold, peaceful beauty for granted. Besides, Summer is really so wonderful because we make it through Winter.

xo mm

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