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Cool as a Cucumber

Holy hot-pepper! It is humid out there. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, and more importantly global warming, we are in for higher than normal temps this summer so I thought I would offer a few suggestions on how to keep cool without just blasting the AC (because again…global warming).

1. Eat all the water you can. Luckily lots of our favourite summer produce is packed with water: lettuce, bok choy, radishes, celery, melons, berries, onions, cucs and watermelon are all great options.
2. Speaking of eating, cut back on the alcohol and processed foods. Our bodies need to ramp up to the old digestive furnace to process sugar, making us feel warmer. 
3. Cool your hot spots. Run wrists under cold water, apply a cool compress to the back of your neck and behind knees. Applying peppermint oil to these pulse points also works wonders and something I use every night on my feet before bed. 
4. Let your bits breathe! Light materials are key to beat the heat. Invest in some linen, light cotton or bamboo clothing. 
5. Exercise early in the morning (wanna join our 5:00am club!?) and take breaks when you need to. 
6. Take a dip. How lucky are we to live on Georgian Bay? If you are terrified of giant carp nipping at your toes, a cool shower also works. 
7. Embrace it! As with most things in life, it’s best to just appreciate what we have been given – a warm summer to grow our produce, play in the lake and sweat a little more than usual. 

xo mm 

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