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From Scratch to Save Some Scratch

There is an old saying; “you can have something fast, good or cheap – pick two.” No offence to the ‘old wives’ that coined this one but I am refusing to believe it! I think with some simple Meal Planning you actually can get all three. You just need to put in a bit of your own labour. We are talking from scratch cooking today and MY old saying “homemade is best made!”  

You might be thinking, “Karla, I have no time to make all my food from scratch.” And I am going to say “Of course you don’t. I mean, I would not have a business if you did.” So pick ONE thing you can make from scratch. Just ONE and let that be your start.

I want to give you a challenge this week. Once you have completed your Meal Planning template and from that, planned out your Grocery List, I want you to pick one thing on your grocery list that you could make from scratch instead of buying it premade. Maybe it’s a whole meal you were planning to pick up from the freezer section, or maybe it’s one condiment. I’m opting for making all my beans from scratch this week and not relying on the canned variety. 

In my personal journey to more whole-from scratch-meals, one of the first things I decided I wouldn’t buy premade again was baked goods. Sure, if I am at a farmer’s market and there is a sweet Nonna selling tarts you bet your butternut I am grabbing a few, but I no longer buy cookies, granola bars or any type of dessert from the grocery store. If I want it, I need to bake it myself. True, it takes some time but generally it ends up being cheaper, always tastes better and most importantly, those cookies have a greater ‘value’ in the form of my time and commitment, so I’m less likely to take six from the sleeve instead of two (or three) from the plate.

Another easy thing to make from scratch is salad dressing, and I’m telling you, this one is 100 times better for you when it’s homemade. I am sharing three of my favourite Market Made dressings today. Super simple, inexpensive, and full of flavour!

If you make them, let me know. Tag me @marketmademeals on Instagram and show me your dressing or anything else you made from scratch this week. 

 xo mm 


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