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Vegan Blueberry Scones with Orange Glaze

I am incredibly boring when it comes to breakfast foods. During the week I usually opt for a smoothie or toast (coffee of course goes without saying). Occasionally I’ll feel a spark of wild child and have, get ready for it…oatmeal. Such a rebel.

The weekends however, are a different story. Maybe it’s that I miss the leisure time I used to spend, pre-pandemic and pre-kids, at my favourite coffee shop, or maybe it’s just an opportunity to explore a little more in the kitchen. Either way I love a baked good on Sunday mornings. These vegan scones are easy to make and I suspect you have the ingredients on hand. They are also incredibly versatile. The version below is blueberry with orange glaze but I have also done raspberry with lemon glaze, and strawberries with pomegranate glaze. Basically any fruit combo will do.

Let me know if you make these yummy scones. I may even make them this week on a Tuesday and really live dangerously!

xo mm

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