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May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

I cannot believe it is almost Christmas. Not to stress you out or anything, but it’s only 20 days away – ekkkk! I’m not a Grinch per se but I must admit, Christmas is not my favourite holiday. I find it kind of overwhelming and I am usually so busy prepping for it that the actual day sort of passes me by. So this year I have made myself a promise. I am going to slow down and really try to enjoy the holiday season for what it is – an occasion to spend time with family, let your heart fill with gratitude and help those who need it most. I vow to not overbook myself with social gatherings and instead spend lots of time at home watching the Christmas magic through my children’s eyes. I vow to not procrastinate wrapping and instead park myself in front of Netflix once a week and let myself binge on Scandal while I wrap a few things each time. I vow to not make elaborate family dinners that result in mountains of dishes and instead pre-make some freezer meals and order in when I need to. I vow to not overeat all of the Christmas goodies my mother-in-law bakes and instead…well actually I will likely still do that, BUT I vow to not feel guilty about it!

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