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Questions To Ask Before You Resolve

Happy (almost) New Year dear friend! As you know, I love goal-setting so it should come as no surprise that New Year’s resolutions are totally my jam. Do I stick to them? You bet your butternut squash I do, and want to know how? I have a PLAN. Yep, a S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Action [planned steps], Realistic and Timely) plan gets applied to every goal I create. Here’s my real secret sauce though – before I set a new goal I dig deep to find my why. If you don’t have a solid why behind your resolution you will never stick with it. To get you in the right head-space to look at your why (the things that are most important to you) I invite you to answer these questions with only one word answers. Let these answers guide you as you discover your why and make resolutions that will add more joy and happiness to your life.

  1. What were you most proud of in 2019?
  2. How did you find personal growth in 2019?
  3. Who do you want to spend the majority of your time with?
  4. If money and logistics were not an factor, what work would make you happiest?
  5. How did you practice self care in 2019?
  6. What scares you?
  7. In one word, how would your spouse/children/best friend describe you?
  8. What is something you KNOW you need to work on?
  9. If you could only pick one mantra or intentional word for 2020 what would it be?
  10. What are you most grateful for?

Chances are, once you have your answers you will notice some patterns – maybe areas of your life that are working, and maybe some that are not. Stay in this head space as you start thinking about your why, your resolutions and then get to work creating a SMART goal.

I can’t wait to see what this New Year and decade bring for us my dear friend. I know it is going to be one filled with community, love and a deep sense of purpose.
xo mm

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