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Guest List

I missed you dear friend BUT I had a great little holiday full of family fun so thank you for being patient while I was away. Now I have a very important question to ask you…Which celebrity would you like to have over for dinner? To keep it interesting we will stick with those that are still alive… you know in case their PR team ever gets a hold of this list and could make it a possible 🙂

The Obamas – I am counting this as one invite with a hopeful RSVP of both Michelle and Barack. Politics aside, come on…this duo would be awesome dinner date material. I think they are a couple that would connect with everyone at the table and be just as comfortable discussing the Middle East as they would Bieber’s engagement. Plus, my family has a dance party every night after dinner and I’m sure they would join in.

Bruce Springsteen – Preface: I love the mm man wholeheartedly but I do have a hall pass with one celeb and it’s The Boss. He’s my dreamboat so I’d have to include him so he has a chance to fall in love with me 🙂

Jamie Oliver – I have to admit when this list was first drafted it contained Anthony Bourdain (RIP) and while I do think he is irreplaceable I am going to stick with another chef. One of the first ‘celeb’ chefs, I think Jamie would be a really fun addition to the table plus his food values align well with mine – enjoy food, share food and never stop discovering food.

The Queen – random. Here’s the thing…although I am not a “Royal Watcher” I think the Queen is one of the most interesting people in the world. No one has lived a life quite like hers. Just imagine her day for a second…Imagine NEVER being able to go anywhere without a high level of security. Imagine growing up in an actual castle having people who will do everything for you. On the days my kids are screaming it sounds dreamy, but it also sounds incredibly isolating and I’d love to hear her perspective. Like, does she know what brand of laundry detergent is on her clothes?!

Share with me your guest list. I love hearing from you.

This week’s menu contains lots of salads that would be perfect for a BBQ potluck…does anyone know how I could get an invite to Bruce?

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