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Here is something my close friends and family would say about me – I am the worst person to buy a gift for. Let me clarify that…maybe not the worst as in the hardest, but definitely the most boring. Case in point, my birthday wish list this year:

1. New heating pad
2. Thermals for skiing
3. A reading light

and yes, I turned 38 not 98.

I really struggle buying things for myself and when I do pull the trigger practicality is top of mind. I am also slightly ashamed to report, that I am not in any way sentimental about things. I have a combined total of 7 art pieces my kids have made over the years. Baby blankets? Baby shoes? Favourite toys? No to all. I wear two pieces of vintage jewelry and NEVER print photos. The mm man, on the other hand, feels everything we own has personal meaning. As you can imagine we have a real maximalist/minimalist problem in our house.

To top it off, I have an incredibly hard time opening gifts in front of people (I really need to work this out in therapy) which makes the annual Mother’s Day gift opening quite anxiety-inducing for me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE receiving sweet notes and cards from my kids and I will happily display them for the minimally required amount of time (it’s until Father’s Day right??), but after that, they are never seen again. So what do you get a mom like me?

Sheets friends. I bought myself new sheets – and I couldn’t be happier. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas, those who love a mom, those who want to be a mommy someday, those who comfort like a mother, and those whose strength and wisdom should be shared with all mums. You are so special and I hope next week’s menu offers you a gift you so deserve. 

xo mm

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